The Creative Process

LACHTÁRA jewelry items are works of personalized design which symbolize the internal world of the wearer and reminds him or her of his individual and personal desires for self-fulfillment, through the wearable item which is always next to the skin.

In the artistic process of every creative design the artist behind LACHTÁRA applies her training, knowledge, and psychological experience to translate the internal world and to create the perfect fusion between the person and his internal world. Each client is a unique being, with wealth of internal sensations, feelings, thoughts, and values expressed in every possible way, one of them being jewelry.

There are several designs, and each of them expresses an idea, a message, and a story which aspires to be seen and to accompany the client as a trigger and motivation for self-fulfillment.
Each client may choose from existing designs, or define a personalized adaptation of an existing design by choosing different colors of gold and precious stones. LACHTÁRA jewelry is designed at the highest level of aesthetic precision and beauty. The jewelry is made of 18K gold in every color, and may be inset with diamonds and other precious stones of the highest level of color and clarity.
The delicate design of the jewelry rejuvenates many LACHTÁRA clients, and the ongoing possibility of a new start which will bring growth and self-fulfillment. The jewelry items themselves act as a daily reminder of this marvelous internal process.